Dynamic paintings that invite you to explore the optimistic stories embedded underneath layers of vibrant colors and textured surfaces.

Nature-inspired, tactile textures & vibrant colors
Colorful foliage, elegant florals & playful details
Need a specific size or custom color palette?
Art studio full of vibrant colorful and optimistic paintings by Adriana Ameigh Visions in Color 2022


Visions In Color

This series began with the intention to create vibrant, energetic, and playful paintings that balance a sense of order and calm. As the series began to unfold, the paintings started to convey an optimistic message:

To navigate the ups and downs in our lives, we need to actively choose to enjoy the ride. We need to find delight in small things, make space for creativity, and spend time in reflection. We need to embrace optimism and tenacity to get through the challenging times.

Let art remind us of the colorful side of life, and the cherished experiences that make our journey worthwhile!

Meet Adriana

I’m a Puerto Rican abstract artist with a studio & gallery space in downtown Raleigh, NC. After 12+ years building a career in the investments industry, I traded in the suits and left the corporate life so I could embrace my true calling in art. Haven’t looked back since!

I am passionate about exchanging stories and connecting with others through art. I create botanical and abstract paintings that balance movement, tactile textures and uplifting colors, while inviting the viewer to explore the optimistic stories embedded beneath the surface.

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"It finally feels like our house has become a home! Thank you so much for all your hard work - we feel so fortunate to have such a beautiful piece in our home."
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