One Of The Puzzle Pieces – 4.25in sculpture – on Exhibition

My ceramic sculptures are an extension of the Visions in Color painting series, which focuses on optimism and tenacity. While working with clay can be labor-intensive, it also serves as a great reminder to slow down to discover all the wonderful little details in art, and the natural world around us.

One of the Puzzle Pieces  was created by hand building slowly, adding one clay section at a time, allowing the sculpture to emerge intuitively. While creating this playful little sculpture, I was kept thinking of how we are each unique, yet interconnected like puzzle pieces. And when we meet kindred spirits that align perfectly, it’s bliss!

  • Size: 4.25 inches tall
  • Materials: Ceramic stoneware
  • Color: Professional quality acrylic paints
  • Suitable For: Sculpture collection, home decor

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