Seize the Trophy – 6in sculptural vessel

This ceramic vessel sculpture is part of the Pure Serendipity series, which aims to remind us to slow down and discover all the wonderful little details in art and the natural world around us. In more ways than one, this piece is also an extension on the Visions in Color series of paintings that focuses on optimism and tenacity.

Seize the Trophy was born from hand building slowly, one section at a time, allowing the form to emerge, every edge and curve giving me something to react to, instead of trying to define the vessel from the beginning. Sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel when times are tough. But if we spot are any small victories along the way, I think it’s important to “take the win” and maintain a positive outlook. No matter how bad the storms, they can’t rage on forever.

  • Size: 6x9x4 inches
  • Materials: Ceramic stoneware, slow fired twice
  • Color: Custom mixed satin and glossy glazes
  • Suitable For: Sculpture collection, decoration, flower vase

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