Episode 1 – Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Welcome to a new podcast for creatives and art lovers with emerging artists Adriana Ameigh and Jackie Sanders.

On this podcast, we will be demystifying the creative process and exchange ideas with career-minded artists. No matter if you are an artist yourself looking for connection or an art lover looking to see what goes on behind the scene of making art, this podcast for you. 

Come join us in our art studio for candid creative conversations, practical action items for your art and art business, and weekly insight into what artists really talk about in their studios! 

Meet Your Hosts:
Adriana & Jackie

Although we have drastically different backgrounds, our friendship began after meeting at an art critique in downtown Raleigh in 2019. With our shared interest in the business side of building an art career and pushing after big goals, we both knew that meeting was meant to be.

In today’s episode, we share a little bit about us, how we met and how we got this podcast started.

The Art Studio Insights Podcast Mission

Connect With Others

The process of making art can be very isolating, and we love to connect with others in our art studios. So doing a podcast allows us to have a conversation with more creatives than we could ever fit in our studios or schedules! Community over competition is how creatives rise together!

Share It Forward

We are on a mission to share it forward. Over the years we have received so much meaningful advice that has been freely shared with us and we want to do the same for others. We will also interview guests (and each other!) that would like to share forward what they’ve learned as well!

Demystify The Creative Process

There are many paths to having a successful art business and it can often seem overwhelming…so where do you start? Through this podcast, our intent is to break down this journey into manageable bite-sized episodes to guide you and gain insight as to what the creative process really looks like for business-minded creatives!

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