Episode 2 – Create Before You Consume

Trust Your Own Thoughts

We all know the feeling of running in a million directions, playing the comparison game, and not feeling fully being settled or trusting your own thoughts or ideas. On today’s episode we discuss this experience and talk about our take on the idea of, “create before you consume”.

Sharing strategies that have worked for us in the past and how they currently affect our creative process, this episode is a conversation that tackles one mindset shift that many creatives have to face several times in their creative journey.

As creatives, we need to beware of:

  • The morning social media scroll
  • The “noise” of other people on social media and in person 
  • Playing the comparison game to where others are in life & creatively
  • Your energy levels. Where are you choosing to put that energy?

So, what can you create?

  • A structured morning routine that helps you become more present
  • Write in a journal (thoughts, poetry sketches, art ideas, titles for a future piece, etc.)
  • Brain Download for the next day (to-do list)
  • Your intentions for the upcoming day


  • Set screen time limits on your phone to help you become aware of your intentions behind your screen time
  • Actively choose how you are spending your time (either actively rest or actively be focused on being productive)
  • Set your own tone for the day before you let someone else set it for you
  • Learn from others and from history but listen to and trust your own thoughts first


  • “Make sure that the first thing that you do in the beginning of the day is think your own thoughts”
  • “Perfect is the enemy of done”
  • “Perfect is the lowest expectation you can set for yourself because it is unobtainable”
  • “The biggest waste of time is when you are not actively being productive or actively resting”
  • The process of making art can be very isolating, and we love to connect with others in our art studios. So doing a podcast allows us to have a conversation with more creatives than we could ever fit in our studios or schedules! Community over competition is how creatives rise together!

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