How To Take Care Of Original Paintings

You have made the decision and acquired an original painting, but how do you take care of it so it will stay pristine for decades to come?

I’m so glad you asked! Following just a few simple guidelines will help to extend the life of your original paintings.

In general terms, the ideal place for your paintings is on a wall, or surface, that is out of direct sunlight, away from any heat source, and in an environment with stable temperatures and humidity. Harsh lighting can cause some colors to fade, extreme heat can weaken the adhesion of paint layers and embed grime, extreme cold may cause cracks in the paint, and high humidity can encourage mildew.

While it’s best to avoid kitchens and bathrooms, the good news is that almost any room or hallway will have at least one wall that will be perfect for your original paintings!

To help protect the artwork, I give all oil paintings a top coat of cold wax, and all acrylic paintings get two coats of matte or satin varnish. Even so, they will need to be cleaned from time to time.

My preferred cleaning methods include using compressed air in a can, or a soft delicate brush to dust off particles while holding a vacuum close to the surface. Water and cleaning solutions can do irreparable damage so it’s best to avoid them.

Last but not least, avoid pressing, scratching, or denting the front or back of the canvas or panel, and always hold the painting by the sides or frame.

Following the simple guidelines above, your original paintings will look as good as new for many years to come!

Time To Add Varnish To Original Painting By Adriana Ameigh
First coat of satin varnish on Embrace Ikigai no. 1 , one of several landscape-inspired abstract paintings full of textures and expressive moment.

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