Not Enough Time? Want To Make Art Every Day?

Can you really make art every day?

My first response may not be what you expect…

Oh YES you CAN!!

After all, there’s 24 hours in the day… and if you have any amount of time for TV, social media, gardening, lunch time… there’s time you can carve out for art.

Now I get it, you may be busy with your work, family, chores, all the things. You may also have the impression that you need hours to make art – I used to believe that too! But the truth is that you can make art even if all you have are 10 minutes. Is that enough time to start and finish your next masterpiece? Probably not, but it could still contribute towards it! Here are some quick ideas:

  • Write down the first line of a poem or haiku
  • Doodle or sketch the first thing that comes to mind
  • Think about one color you would like to stand out in your in-progress, or a new piece
  • Play with some watercolors or colored pencils
  • Hum the tune to a song you’re working on
  • Choose two random colors and mix them to see what you get
  • Write in your journal or sketchbook what’s inspiring you today

On the flip side… sometimes you may sit there and NOTHING comes out. That’s ok too! Just give it a try and be patient with yourself. Sometimes going through a creative warm up like the ones listed above will lead to ideas popping up hours, or even days later. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sat there trying to make something and it’s a bust, but then ideas on how to improve or evolve the original concept may come later at the most random of times: stuck in traffic, in line at the DMV, doing laundry… you’ll never know till you try! 🙂

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