Playful Bud Vases – Ceramics – Thursdays Mar 9th-Mar 16th – 6pm-8:30pm

Who Is This Course For:

  • Anyone who wants the opportunity to be creative in a welcoming and friendly environment.
  • Anyone who may feel creatively blocked, but would like to try (or return to) clay.
  • Anyone who would like guidance in creating their own hand-built playful ceramic bud vase.

Let’s Make Art Together:

  • Come hand-build a ceramic bud vase at Artspace in downtown Raleigh, NC
  • Create with stoneware ceramic clay, paint with underglazes
  • Medium group of 10 to 12 adults
  • Art materials included
  • This class is divided into two sessions: First session to design and build the bud vase. Second session to decorate and paint with underglazes.
  • Based on the number of registered students, we may be joined by plant expert Maureen Hammond from Plant Lane Farm! She designs and installs beautiful gardens that have year-round interest, and don’t require a green thumb to maintain!

During the workshop we will work together to create a playful ceramic bud vase. You can use stencils for a simpler design, or make complex designs with animals and figures. I will guide you step by step so that you can created a finished piece of ceramic art that you will be proud to display in your home. During the first session, you will design and build your bud vase, then it will go into the kiln to get bisque fired. During the second session, you will use underglazes to decorate and paint your vase, then apply clear glaze. After class, it will go into the kiln one final time. You will be notified when the pieces are ready, usually 1-2 weeks after your last session. For folks traveling from out of town, your piece(s) will be shipped after they’re fired in the kiln.

*Looking to take this class with friends and family? For groups with 5 or more students I can create a separate class registration page and reserve a larger space in our building. Use the contact form or send me an email to [email protected] to check availability. For additional workshop information and policies, please visit this page.


  • You will have access to underglazes paint and tools, but you may also bring additional supplies, especially if there are specific (cone 6) underglaze colors you love, or your want to bring your favorite ceramic tool or rolling pin.
  • You will also have access to various texture tools, but you may also bring stencils, or any found objects like interesting rocks or shells you would like to imprint on the clay.
  • Bring a reference photo or two of ceramic bud vases you love and we’ll discuss how to interpret through your ceramic project.

Duration of Workshop
Two Thursday sessions, 6-8:30pm


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