painting process

Color Journals & The Creative Practice

Part of the creative process for me (and many other artists) involves recording ideas when they pop up, or risk forgetting them! Enter the indispensable art journal. I generally toggle between four of them, each for a different purpose: ideas for new materials and…

Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I’m not sure when the painting toolbox went from having just brushes and palette knives to incorporating all kinds of unusual and non-traditional tools. Silicone bowl scraper, empty ribbon reel, basting brush, loofah sponge, squeegees…

Embracing The Chaos

In the past, my paintings started on pristine, smooth surfaces and the final work was relatively flat. But you’ve seen my recent work, there’s background layers peeking through and tons of texture. It took learning a new painting style/mindset to realize the old way was holding me back.

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