Episode 3 – 10 Creative Warm Ups

Mental Block is Part of the Creative Process

Are you feeling stuck creatively? It happens to the best of us! In this episode, we are sharing our top 10 Creative Warm-Up Tips for those days when we need the extra push to create.

10 Creative Warm-Up Ideas
for Artists

  1. Empty your mind and do a brain download 
  2. Get moving! 
  3. Read an art book for inspiration 
  4. Listen to a podcast
  5. Experiment with color mixing and swatching
  6. Re-organize your creative space
  7. Prepare a new canvas or panel 
  8. Start a new drawing
  9. Put the finishing elements on a piece
  10. Journal or write out the concepts of your artwork

Bonus Tips:

Bonus #11: Sketch with your non-dominant hand while dancing to the rhythm of the music
Bonus #12: Become a beginner again and try something new!

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