Episode 8 – Making Art While On Vacation

How do you prepare creatively for a vacation or trip coming up?

This episode discusses two very different points of view on creating while on the go! We cover what to pack, things to consider when planning out your time, and tips on how to stay creative outside of your standard routine. Embrace the inspiration that time and space outside of the studio can bring!

Making Art While On Vacation

Vacations are a great way to get out of the studio, find new sources of inspiration, and recharge your creative energy. But, as with most things, preparation is the key to success!

Set Your Own Expectations

Set the expectations and intention for yourself before the trip and communicate that priority to the people you are traveling with. If you want to create artwork, do it! But if you don’t, that is okay too!

Based on the expectation you set, pack accordingly

  • Consider the limitations if you are flying vs. driving
  • Pack a sketchbook for compact creation!
  • Pack your everyday staples, the materials you are always comfortable with 
  • Use the change of scenery as a challenge to get out of your comfort zone
    • Try a bold new color that you’ve had laying around but have not incorporated into a painting yet

“Have enough variety that if the muse strikes and there is something specific you want to do, even if it is a limited color palette, you still have the tools you need to create!”


If you choose not to make artwork, that is okay too!

You can still use the vacation to engage and enhance your creative process.

  • Use the downtime to reconnect with your mind and unpack ideas that you may want to explore in future artwork.
  • Bring books, journals, or a podcast series that you’ve been waiting to binge and take notes so once you are back in the studio you can bring the new energy home with you!

Enjoy your trip!

Ultimately, give yourself grace and flexibility with the expectations that you set for yourself. After all trips are meant to leave you refreshed, recharged, and inspired!

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