art journey

ReMix: A Collaborative Exhibition

What if an artist took an unresolved painting and gave it to another? Would the new piece look like a mix of both artist’s styles? Or transform into something completely new for either of them? I presented this exhibition idea to my fellow Artspace artists in Fall of 2020 and I was delighted when so many …

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My Early Art Influences

Fellow artist Jackie Sanders and I got together for a few minutes to discuss some of our earliest art influences. Jackie grew up spending time in her parent’s architect firm and around the drafting table. And I grew up in my grandparent’s store which stocked screen printing equipment and materials, and other types of art …

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink

I’m not sure when the painting toolbox went from having just brushes and palette knives to incorporating all kinds of unusual and non-traditional tools. Silicone bowl scraper, empty ribbon reel, basting brush, loofah sponge, squeegees…

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