Welcome to My Art Channel! A Quick Video Introduction

Hi there! I am so glad you found my art channel! I am looking forward to sharing the inspiration, process, and the stories embedded in my paintings and ceramics. Thank you for following along on my art journey and I’ll see you in the next video!

➤ About
Hi, I’m Adriana! I’m a Puerto Rican abstract painter and ceramicist based in Raleigh, NC. After many years in the investments industry, I traded in the suits and left the corporate life so I could embrace my true calling in art! I am passionate about exchanging stories and connecting with others through art. I create botanical and abstract paintings and ceramics that balance movement, tactile textures and uplifting colors, while inviting the viewer to explore the optimistic stories embedded beneath the surface.

➤ Find Me
@AmeighArt Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ameighart
Website: https://www.ameighart.com

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