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November 2022: Art Studio Tour + Vlog

I’m very excited to share with you my first studio tour/vlog, highlighting the paintings and ceramics currently on display at the studio as of the end of November 2022. I’ve been planning (and overthinking) this channel for months now, but the timing feels right now. 🙂 Throughout this video I’ve sprinkled little notes with insights

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Being and Belonging Exhibition

A few months back, I applied for an artist call from UNC Chapel Hill where the focus was on Latinx experience in North Carolina.  During the exhibition opening a few weeks ago, my fellow participating artists had me transfixed. As they came up to the podium, they shared a variety of stories such as what it’s like

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Oh So You’re An Artist?

In the 12+ years I worked in the investment services industry, no one suggested that career was one that would make me broke or require innate talent. That all changed when I switched careers and became an artist. So when folks share their opinion, I keep it lighthearted and take it with a grain of salt.

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